Welcome to Fargo Muay Thai Kick Boxing Academy,

 Fargo Muay Thai is the Official North Dakota Headquarters of “Thai Boxing Association of America” and has the only “TBA” certified Thai Boxing Instructors in the state.
 We offer classes for Men and Women, Beginners through Advanced looking for an awesome workout that includes:
  • Self Defense Skills
  • Group Fitness
  • Women Kick Boxing
  • Weight Loss
  • Build Muscle
  • Relieve Stress
All in a fun, friendly and safe environment! 


 Is your workout stuck in neutral?

Are you tired of the mind-numbing monotony of traditional workouts?

Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life while learning the most effective striking art known to man, gaining self-confidence, and challenging your body and mind? 

If so, then you’re ready to get into kick-butt shape with Fargo Muay Thai!

No matter what your current fitness or experience level, we can help you:

  • Learn Useful Self-Defense Skills
  • Improve Cardiovascular Endurance and Physical Strength
  • Gain Muscle Mass
  • Boost Your Self Confidence
  • Lose Weight
  • Make Friends & Have FUN!

Muay Thai Kick Boxing is the single most effective striking art in the world! Referred to as ‘The Art of 8 Limbs’, Muay Thai’s devastating attacks with Punches, Kicks, Knee’s and Elbow’s will crush any opponent!

Muay Thai World Champion & founder of BANG Muay Thai, Duane Ludwig teaching a class at Fargo Muy Thai

A Muay Thai work out is an fantastic way to Lose Weight, Gain Muscle Tone and increase your speed, Agility and Cardiovascular Endurance… all while learning real Self-Defense skills.

 Why Train at Fargo Muay Thai?

  • SAFE – You’ll train in a safe and controlled environment, with professional and experienced Instructors. Classes are designed so all levels, beginner through advanced, can learn and be successful!
  • FUN – Learning Muay Thai Kick Boxing should be fun and exciting. You’ll enjoy coming to class, make good friends and want to keep coming back.
  • LEGACY – Fargo Muay Thai coaches are the ONLY instructors in North Dakota certified to teach Kick Boxing by the Thai Boxing Association of America (TBA), You will be part of a tradition that’s nearly 1000 years old! 
  • RESULTS! – As you train Muay Thai Kick Boxing, you’ll find yourself in better health with more energy and less stress! You’ll lose weight and gain more muscle than you ever thought possible all while gaining valuable Self-Defense skills!

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