Duane “Bang” Ludwig defeats Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision!

Amir Sadollah has impressed since his appearance on TUF 7. No one thought he would win the show, and he proved us wrong. Few thought he would be a truly competitive fighter outside the house, yet his 5-2 overall MMA record coming into this fight seems to prove otherwise. So coming into his Versus 5 bout against Duane “Bang” Ludwig, many wondered if Sadollah would once again impress enough to net a big time fight in his next contest.

Only one way for that to happen- win. Here’s what went down.
Sadollah landed a mild low kick early in round one; Bang connected with a solid left hand, then grazed with a knee. The two clinched, where Sadollah began looking for the takedown to no avail. Knees were exchanged, as were clinch positions, with Ludwig getting the better of things. This led to Sadollah dropping a level for a takedown, again unsuccessfully. Halfway through the stanza, the two separated. Ludwig’s hands just seemed faster, connecting nicely, along with a couple of hard high kicks that were partially blocked. From there, Bang really began picking his opponent apart with kicks and punches at all levels. Nearing the one minute mark, he hit home with a very hard left hand that semed to dizzy Sadollah. The former TUF contestant forced the clinch, but Ludwig gained separation again, landing all types of strikes on his adversary until the bell.

Ludwig definitely won that round. Sadollah needs to get this one to the ground.

Sadollah landed a couple of low kicks and a front kick early on. But Ludwig continued to show much faster hands, connecting hard to the face in spots. In fact, throughout the round, Sadollah connected with low kicks and front kicks that weren’t very hard, whereas Ludwig pounded him with hard punches, including another left hook and elbow toward the end of the stanza.

Ludwig is countering very well with punches. Sadollah, who has attempted multiple takedowns to no avail, needs a stoppage in order to win.

Sadollah came out aggressively in round three, nailing his adversary with low kicks and a head kick that grazed. What’s more, he took Ludwig down, only to see him get up quickly. Both fighters look tired here. Being more active than his opponent, Sadollah landed a very solid front kick to the face. Later, however, he missed on another takedown. Lots of low kicks by Sadollah are landing, but his hands just look kind of slow. The final minute saw both fighters throw hands, with Ludwig getting the better of things. Then, with a little less than 30 seconds to go, Bang managed a takedown. Then came the bell.

That last round was pretty even. In fact, I might give it to Sadollah. But the first two, and therefore the fight, should go to Ludwig.

Duane “Bang” Ludwig defeats Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision.

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