Easton Team mate Tyler THUNDER Toner stages incredible come back!

Tyler Toner driving the knee into JR Sims at Ring of Fire 41Tyler Toner driving the knee into JR Sims


Ring of Fire mainstay, Tyler Toner, trying to fight his way back to the UFC, couldn’t have looked further off course as his fight with J.R. Sims progressed.

Sims sent Toner to the canvas early in the opening round, then fended off a few submission attempts on the mat, before finishing the round with a strong mix of elbows and heavy punches on the ground.

Round two was another solid effort from Sims, who caught one of Toner’s kicks and forced him to the mat once again. Sims kept up a steady attack of ground and pound for the remainder of the stanza.

In the third round, however, Toner finally found his mojo. From out of nowhere, Toner unleashed a high knee to Sims’ face, sending him staggering backwards. From there, the fire raged and Toner poured on a vast array of punches, kicks, and a variety knees, driving Sims into the fence. Sims covered up and turned away from the onslaught, causing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

It was nothing less than a stunning comeback, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

After the fight, Toner could only hope that his former employer would take notice.

“Hopefully UFC will bring me back for the Denver card (UFC 135 in September). I’d love to rematch Diego Nunes,” Toner said to a cheering hometown crowd.

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